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Spirit- Heart

Spiritual Therapy

“You have to look deeper, way below the anger, the hurt, the hate, the jealousy, the self-pity, way down deeper where the dreams lie, son. Find your dream. It’s the pursuit of the dream that heals you.”

Billy Mills (father), Oglala Lakota



You were meant to live from your heart…To thrive – not just to survive…

To live from your heart and to let your bright Spirit and Soul shine through in all of its beauty…Your talents, your gifts…your vision…And you can. 

Whether work, relationships, or yourself – is out of balance… it reflects on the whole.

  • Stressed, anxious, or burnt-out.
  • Limits that keep you stuck in passivity, out of touch with your emotions, or depressed.
  • Not being able to maintain relationships.
  • Low self-esteem, self-criticism or self-doubt, judgment, or loathing.
  • Feeling that your life is stuck and without purpose.

The secret is…you already have everything you need to become and achieve exactly what you desire.

Your existence is all the proof that you need to know that you have a True Purpose. You have everything you need to create and live a fulfilling life...If you can imagine it...You can create it. 



  • Feeling in connection to all aspects of your life.. feeling grounded in your body, steady in your emotions, full of energy and actions that are proactive and life-enhancing…
  • Being able to attain your goal.
  • Maintain happy and balanced relationships, comfortably expressing your feelings…
  • Enjoy greater self-confidence, daring to be who you truly are and feeling more love and acceptance for yourself
  • Being released from the inner-critic..your know- that voice in your head…
  • Living your Highest Destiny...Soul Purpose or Life Mission..

See Yourself

Living your Vision

From your Heart


Being who you are



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Moonlodge attendee

I was emotionally stressed, unbalanced and in need of more stability in my life. Then I joined Wen-Wei’s womyn’s Moonlodge and my life transformed. Healing in sisterhood helped me to share and take leadership in my life. We exchange energy and support each other which really helped me to become whole and into the flow of life. Each circle is different and I always leave feeling lighter and wiser.

Wen-Wei also incorporates and provides us with delicious plant based lunches and dinners that are organic and iron rich. She loves cooking and you feel nurtured.

Moreover, we always leave with a gift that delights the heart, is good for your body and spirit. I feel nurtured, nourished and loved.

I’ve gone round the whole year with her and she has helped me grow and love myself… Thank you so much! And I highly recommend her lodge it’s magical, healing and empowering.

Alisa & Daughter

Moonlodge attendee

“Just as my daughter had her first flow, I found out about Wen-Wei’s Moonlodge and Menarche ceremony.

I wanted my daughter to understand what was happening to her. I wanted her to feel special and cherished. Honestly joining Wen-Wei gave her the most clear, explanatory, loving embrace into womanhood I could have imagined. I felt healing within myself for being able to join this ceremony as I’m sure some of the other women did too. The girls were loved and gifted and Wen-Wei’s voice helped us become closer and closer together.

Wen-Wei’s spirit and true voice make sense and her Moonlodge’s provide comfort in what sometimes feel like trying times. Her Moonlodge, her beautiful home and her tent feel like a safe haven to release our feminine beauty and being there feels like coming up for air. I can’t thank her enough. I’m so looking forward to gathering and strengthening together. For those of you seeking nourishment of your true self, Wen-Wei and the rest of us will welcome you with open hearts.”


Moonlodge attendee

Every time I go to another Womyn’s Moonlodge, it feels as if I am pulling a soft and warm blanket over me. My first lodge I had together with my daughter to give her her Rites of Passage into womanhood to celebrate and commemorate this sacred moment. The idea of it alone resonated with me deeply. My daughter experienced it as beautiful. Positive and powerful.

The moonlodge allows you to be yourself without judgement. It’s amazing and beautiful to receive and give all this wisdom, experiences, warmth and love.

All of this under the guidance of Wen-Wei who facilitate the lodge from her heart and teachings.

My daughter and I both felt safe enough top be ourselves and to share our experiences. The moonlodge has given me the inspiration and purpose to research who I authentically am.

I completely recommend this journey to every woman. You are worth it!

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