Soul Guidance,  

Guidance, Mentorship & Private  Ceremonies

"With the Power of Love we heal & transform"


 Soul Guidance is more than therapy

  • Feeling in connection to¬†all aspects of your life- through your Womanhood, feeling grounded in your body, steady in your emotions, full of energy and actions that are proactive and life-enhancing‚Ķ

  • Maintain happy and balanced relationships¬†because you have a healthy relationship with yourself.¬†
  • Living in consciousness and being able to stay present and flow with life.
  • ¬†Instead of being lived by life - you create your life in awareness, feeling inspired and thriving!
  • Free from your debilitating behaviours, burnout, self-judgements, "that inner voice." depression, and addictions ... and instead empowered¬†
  • Having the capability and consciousness to hold yourself and give meaning to your life truly¬†


We were all meant to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Living from your heart and soul means being present with a flexible consciousness to respond and create with the flow of Life. 

What stops us are our 'hidden' traumas, which show up as the problems we face, whether depression, addiction or burnout, to name a few examples. However, the key lies in discovering the root cause of the problem, and that's a keystone to what I create in this therapy, which is heart-felt self-awareness and knowing. 

"A harmonious life comes from within."

In balance, you are living through your heart, meaning that you are in touch with your desires and feelings to know what and how to give meaning to your Life and the choices you make.

Dear one, the secret is that you have everything you need to create and live a fulfilling life... and you are perfect wherever these words may find you.

What makes this guidance unique is the deep self-love, powerful intuition and healing you receive, but you will leave with a connection to your Soul and clarity about your direction. 


Transformational Guidance

Loving & Powerful
Elevating and expanding your consciousness to live your authentic life.
Live & Online 


Therapy that is loving & transformational 

Women who have seen me tell me I work lovingly and very present, creating a safe and powerful healing space so that going towards traumas and healing is gentle, compassionate and powerful.
Many have left my intake with much more clarity (therefore positive transformation) than when they arrived.

By lovingly going to the underlying root of the issues you are facing, healing is faster, and you will leave much more presently aware, empowered 
in love with who you are, where you’ve been and where you are going.


Feminine Transformational Guidance  


Gentle and effective healing around any problems or trauma through methods such as inner child,  systemic and trauma work, to name a few.
I guide you to live in harmony and balance from your womanhood instead of against it. You will be given practice and knowledge of how to flow with your natural rhythm. 
Every session effectively shifts and heals energy to create more space and flow, 

* Sessions are 75 minutes
* We meet every 2-3 weeks
* Energy exchange is ‚ā¨180¬†

vat included

 ** note: you will leave every session whole.

Soul Mentorship 

This is the TOTAL healing, therapy and mentoring transformational package,  

This is personalised to your needs and goals. 

 From women entrepreneurs, healers or anyone with a vision to work toward and who needs to overcome blockages to get there.

Therapists or coaches who would like to learn from me. 

Women who would like to transform into a life aligned with their Soul and Purpose. 

Women who need to make a lifestyle change because they are faced with womb issues or wish to get pregnant. 

For all women who need healing and transformation while being held. 

You will be aligned and aware of your inner compass and in connection to your intuition power and strengths. Empowered to make great choices moving you forward in life. Not only will you be carried with complete love and presence, but you will be able to carry yourself and create your life of empowered, conscious and in true connection with who you authentically are.  


* Sessions are as your soul requires. 
* Therapy & Mentoring
* Exclusive Soul Healings, personalised mp3 Soul Transformational Journeys and Meditations 
* Soul Potential Reading aligned with your astrological birth chart 
* We meet 1x per month or biweekly as needed. 
* Voice messaging availability for the entire 6 months. 

* Energy Exchange
‚ā¨ 4200




Moonlodge attendee

I was emotionally stressed, unbalanced and in need of more stability in my life. Then I joined Wen-Wei’s womyn’s Moonlodge and my life transformed. Healing in sisterhood helped me to share and take leadership in my life. We exchange energy and support each other which really helped me to become whole and into the flow of life. Each circle is different and I always leave feeling lighter and wiser.

Wen-Wei also incorporates and provides us with delicious plant based lunches and dinners that are organic and iron rich. She loves cooking and you feel nurtured.

Moreover, we always leave with a gift that delights the heart, is good for your body and spirit. I feel nurtured, nourished and loved.

I’ve gone round the whole year with her and she has helped me grow and love myself… Thank you so much! And I highly recommend her lodge it’s magical, healing and empowering.

Alisa & Daughter

Moonlodge attendee

“Just as my daughter had her first flow, I found out about Wen-Wei’s Moonlodge and Menarche ceremony.

I wanted my daughter to understand what was happening to her. I wanted her to feel special and cherished. Honestly joining Wen-Wei gave her the most clear, explanatory, loving embrace into womanhood I could have imagined. I felt healing within myself for being able to join this ceremony as I’m sure some of the other women did too. The girls were loved and gifted and Wen-Wei’s voice helped us become closer and closer together.

Wen-Wei’s spirit and true voice make sense and her Moonlodge’s provide comfort in what sometimes feel like trying times. Her Moonlodge, her beautiful home and her tent feel like a safe haven to release our feminine beauty and being there feels like coming up for air. I can’t thank her enough. I’m so looking forward to gathering and strengthening together. For those of you seeking nourishment of your true self, Wen-Wei and the rest of us will welcome you with open hearts.”


Moonlodge attendee

Every time I go to another Womyn’s Moonlodge, it feels as if I am pulling a soft and warm blanket over me. My first lodge I had together with my daughter to give her her Rites of Passage into womanhood to celebrate and commemorate this sacred moment. The idea of it alone resonated with me deeply. My daughter experienced it as beautiful. Positive and powerful.

The moonlodge allows you to be yourself without judgement. It’s amazing and beautiful to receive and give all this wisdom, experiences, warmth and love.

All of this under the guidance of Wen-Wei who facilitate the lodge from her heart and teachings.

My daughter and I both felt safe enough top be ourselves and to share our experiences. The moonlodge has given me the inspiration and purpose to research who I authentically am.

I completely recommend this journey to every woman. You are worth it!

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