Medicine Moons Path 


Activate & Cultivate true inner expansion & freedom through The Celestial Medicine Wheel generating a powerful & solid bedding for your

Creative Soul Life to MANIFEST & FLOURISH...

Start applying Wisdom, Power, and Emotional Transformation ELEVATING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, ENHANCING INTUITION & creates  CREATES OPPORTUNITIES TO MANIFEST AN ABUNDANT LIFE  in alignment with your Soul Self

Ready to lead your life AWARE & AUTHENTIC? 

A LIFE CHANGING Online Year Training with Online LIVE Women's Medicine Lodges 



Medicine Moons Path 

A unique year training  providing you with powerful tools to create life changing transformation and healing 

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Monthly Live Online Medicine Lodges

Live online Gatherings to activate and anchor the energetic strengths of each new astrology archetype, receiving wisdom teachings, rituals, shamanic journeys, meditations, and soul sharing to embody your life lessons of each month. 

NEW to Lunar & Solar Monthly Online Modules

12 Astro-Wisdom modules with videos and NEW to this year are personalised group videos, teaching feminine archetypal wisdom and mythos. Plus Sacred Embodiment Practices to integrate the strengths of each sign.

New Moon Rituals & Shamanic Healing Journeys

Exclusively crafted Soul Journeys transmitted & tailored for the group's growth bringing lasting inner personal empowerment and crafted to bring inner soul healing as well as the raising of your magnetism enabling clear manifestation.

New to Full Moon Shamanic Ritual TranceDances 

Designed and completely crafted specifically for the group's energy,  Ritual TranceDances every FullMoon to bring healing, transformation, and manifestation. NEW is the trance dance videos specifically transmitted for the group. 

NEW to Lunar Manifestation Practices 

Every New Moon Is a time of anchoring wishes and creating new pathways and opportunities. These guidance practices are specially aligned to each of the zodiac signs to harness and energise their power & spirit. NEW to this year are the manifestation rituals.

New Moon  Reflections

These are deep inner reflection questions in the form of downloadable worksheets received during the Dark Moon.  These moments of reflection bring self knowledge which in turn develops discernment and higher consciousness. Uncover what is hidden and become wise to the parts that are seeking you

This Year Gifts You 


Harnessing the ancient power of the Feminine

The Feminine Star Gate of Initiation

Because we begin with the transition of the sun in Scorpio October 23rd 2023, we harness the energetic Feminine Power of the Celtic New Year whose Star Gate is November the 7th, Samhain. This will initiate us into this Medicine Moon Path with extra ENERGY, SPIRIT & ELEVATION.

Together Live
With an Intimate Group of 12 Women

* Monthly Online Medicine Lodges when the Sun Enters into a Zodiac sign (dates listed below) we meet online to honour this moment together. Wen-Wei shares wisdom about the sign we are entering and highlights some of the lessons and the archetypes as well as Womb Lore. 

** NOTE** These Lodges will be recorded for those who cannot attend 

AND - there is a requirement to attend 80% of these gatherings to keep the field of hearing and support in an upward spiral.


Self Practice

* Monthly Wisdom videos with self honouring practices and rituals to embody the strengths and guidance to become conscious of the shadow as well embodying the strengths. 

* Teaching Videos

* Downloadable hand-crafted healing shamanic journeys


* Feminine Archetypal Videos for the Lunar & Solar wisdom teaching modules. This goed beyond the mainstream archetypes for the zodiac. The Feminine archetypes have been born through my personal experience and channeled knowing. 

* Archetypal  Wisdom videos for each monthly TranceDances specially made for the group

* Rituals and Sacred Practices to anchor the Lunar manifestations.


Shamanic Woman's Ritual TranceDances:

This is a powerful tool to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, and is used as a healing, and creation 

Note: This is EXCLUSIVE only for this online training - and is a personal tool

New Moon Initiation Shamanic Journeys specially channeled for the group energy.


Private Group

* Access to a private group in order to share challenges, the lessons and wisdom together. Most importantly to be able to stay connected and to share your heart during this time- to give each other true sisterly support. This softens our feminine and opens us up to Love and true inner sovereignty (practicing truth speaking) but also heals our soul and collective woman’s wounds.

Is This Path For You? 


* If you wish to grow out of a limiting life into one that is more aligned with your Soul’s Path and to manifest a life more prosperous.

* If you wish to heal old patterns of behaviour and release rigid beliefs that keep you stuck so that it gives you more freedom to create the life that you want to live.

* Raising your consciousness through self-growth which releases old fears, worry, and anxiety.

* You will no longer be fearful of Life’s downward spirals that may present itself to you.

* In fact you will lean into them as you, knowing that you can overcome them as you work through this year because you will be not be doing this alone – but be held by a supportive sisterhood group and monthly gatherings.

* By becoming aware of the monthly emotional and archetypical light and shadows issues you can hold better relationships firstly with yourself, so that you can hold wholesome relationships with others and the natural world around you.

* If you wish have better connection with your Inner Wisdom, Intuition and Soul Self.

* If you wish to have a form a steady foundation and sacred practice that is aligned with the Celestial Wheel and human Spiritual nature

* You will gain – being seen, heard, and held because of the monthly Lodges and sharings.



For those who are thinking of doing the Live Medicine Moons Moonlodge Year Training 2023-24 

- This course is a the first year out of the 2 year Woman's MoonLodge Training ...You will receive a phenomenal extra foundation by taking this course. 
- For those of you interested in the 2-Year MoonLodge Year training, for more information please connect with,me personally via mail or phone. 
* Please note the dates and times will be different and it may be open to changes as I am still crafting more for it this year.


This is not for you


* If you cannot make the time to reflect and do inner work.

* If you cannot hold focus enough to meditate and do the self-growth practices.

* It is preferable if you can attend 80% of the Live Medicine Lodge Dates (shown below). as the group connection deepens - in healing and empowerment ...However with that in mind and heart - I trust trust in the flow and needs of the group. 

* If you need deeper emotional healing work due to trauma- Then please connect and with myself or another to work 1 on 1 – because we will be sharing our growth and challenges together in a group form.


Monthly Celestial Modules 


Celestial Archetypes 

❈ Scorpio The Wild Woman and The Phoenix
❈ Sagittarius  The StarGazer 
❈ Capricorn The Father, Builder & Sacred Masculine
❈ Aquarius The Sacred Rebel,  Dreamer & Spirit-Bearer
❈ Pisces The Mystic 
❈ Aries Tha Child, Spiritual  Warrior and Maiden
❈ Taurus The Manifestor & Lover 
❈ Gemini The Alchemist
❈ Cancer The Mother & Sacred Feminine 
❈ Leo The Magical Child & Sovereign King & Queen
* Virgo The Priestesss 
* Libra The He(Artist)

Working with Sacred  Herbs and Plants

❈ Cacao & Blue Lotus for the Lodges, shamanic trancedances and journeys - these are optional 



Sacred Practices

❈ Ritual and Ceremonial work
❈ Feminine Shamanic Trance Dance & Journey
❈ Systemic & Shadow Work
❈ Meditation
❈ Shamanic Meditation & Womb BreathWork
❈ Sacred Women's Work through Lodges and sharing.

Extra Care

❈ always FREE support available in the form of voice messaging for questions, challenges or advice. They will always be answered - when I create the space (usually between 24 hrs to 4 days maximum).

 4x Soul Sessions & Shamanic Guidance 
To bring extra support and healing 
* Check the Gold Package below 


❈ Special for this group is a 15% discount on all my events during this year's training.
NEW this year 10% discount off Guidance and Healing sessions 

Extra Fresh This Year

❈ Every year I add new information to this year training, which this year is: 
* Extra creational rituals
* Archetypal videos to help reclaim our feminine heritage. 
* Fresh activating and journeys.

Reserve your Space Today

Dates for the Medicine Lodges 


Time 18:30- 21:00 


October 23rd 
November 22nd

December 22nd 


January 20th
February 19th
March 20th
April 19th
May 20th
June 20th
July 22nd
August 22nd
September 22nd
October 11th

Energy Exchange & Payment Plans  


Star Gold Packages 

❈ Full Training with FREE voice messaging 
 Without extra guidance sessions 

No Payment Plan
If paid in ONE go get 10%
 Price From €1700 to €1530

Light Gold Package 

 Full  Training with Free voice messaging
 Without the extra Guidance sessions 

With payment Plan Options
Price: €1700

- SEE the Roze, White Roze & Roze Gold Payment Plans  


Gold Package

❈ Full Training with Free voice messaging.
PLUS 4 Guidance Sessions Plus 1 extra to help you break through blocks, patterns keeping you stuck & beliefs

Energy Exchange: €2276,00 
* 1x guidance healing session FREE 

With Payment Plan Options

  with the option of a payment plan availability of paying in 3 or 5 or 12  installments
(See Rose and White Rose Payment Plans)

Roze Payment Plan 

 ❈ Be able to pay in 3 installments

Paid By: 
October 22nd 
February 22nd th
June 22nd 


White Roze Payment Plan

❈ Be able to pay in 5 Instalments 

Paid By:
October 22nd
January 22nd
April 22nd 
July 22nd 
September 22nd


Roze Gold Payment Plan

❈ Be able to pay in 12 Instalments

Paid By:
Each Month on the 22nd

Cancellation & Refund

❈ Full refunds and cancellations are available until October 18th
❈ After which until the due date it is Full price unless you find another woman to replace you. 
❈ If you sign up for the year training and you fall ill - you are still expected to pay the full amount due to the fact that you have full access to recorded live videos and coursework indefinitely 


Star gold


  • Full Medicine Moons Course
  • Monthly Online Medicine Gatherings
  • Free Messaging
  • 10% discount on Guidance & Healing Sessions live or online.
  • 15% discount on all events 
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Gold Package


  • Full Medicine Moons Course
  • Monthly Online Medicine Gatherings
  • Free Messaging
  • 5x (Ix free) Guidance & Healing Sessions In my home or virtual.
  • 15% discount on all events 
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PayMent Plans

  • Rose: Pay in 3 installments (check dates in the section above).
  • White Rose: Pay in 5 installments (check dates in the section above).
  • Roze gold: Pay in 12 installments (check dates in the section above)/. 


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This Year NEW!

Medicine Moons MoonLodge Year Training LIVE

|This course will be given in Mahara Amsterdam's yurt sanctuary/. 
12 live MoonLodges held by Wen-Wei 
In a safe container of 12 women, you will be guided into deep growth and expansion in alignment the feminine wisdom of your Soul. 

This is part 1 of a 2-year training for women who wish to guide other women as well as to gain a strong inner wisdom, compass and a powerful sovereign free life!


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