Lovingly guiding women through deep healing and transformation to live free and soulful lives.  

Rest2Flow is a way of authentic, sovereign living through the power of its Medicine Wheel. It is about reconnecting with one's Soul-Self and living in "Right Relationship". 

I lovingly guide women into wholeness through the wisdom of their womanhood, whether we work through fears and traumas or whether we work towards a new way of living, I support a soulful way of living where women feel free and in true connection with others and the world around them.  

"Time to LOVE who you are" Wen-Wei


Here are just a few of my offerings...

Spirit-Heart Guidance/Healings

Let me walk with you to overcome obstacles, fears, doubts or to achieve your highest potential, dreams and goals. Connect for an Intake session.

Shamanic Ritual Trance Dance

Eyes closed, your other senses awaken…Journey with Spirit and awaken…ou to overcome obstacles, fears, doubts or to achieve your highest potential, dreams and goals. Connect for an Intake session.

Medicine Moons MoonLodge Year Training Live

We will meet in MoonLodges every month harnessing the energy of the new moon to become wise in the healing container of sisterhood. Note: This is year 1 out of a 2-year training for those wishing to become leaders in this field for other women. 

Medicine Moons Path Year Training Online Live

A powerful training for those seeking growth, healing, and profound inner transformation through powerful cosmic cycles of astrology, mythos, archetypes, and shamanic practices.  

"Live from your Heart...Wise, Loving & Free”


Soul Coaching


The SoulWoman's Way


All of Natire follows what I term'The Great Cycle' of which we are a part of, but that women embody. Our Soul Life is kept moist and alive when we learn to follow our natural cycle of rest to flow. 

  • Air for Soul-Purpose, consciousness, awakening, vision and truth…  
  • Fire for Power & gentle transformation, passion, and energy. Your authenticity and freedom…Owning who you are and committing to your joy & soul Potential…. 
  • Water for Wisdom & Flow, reflection, and (right) relationships. Feeling, connection, and fulfillment…
  • Earth for Home &True North,  embodiment, and self-knowing.
  • Soul & SpiritThe Spiritual Centre and your natural, Creative Self,  multidimensional living. 

I use a mix of holistic and traditional therapy and practices like psychotherapy, shamanic practices, feminine (womb-lore) wisdom when working with women. Also techniques like energy work, sound healing, shamanic journeying, active mediation, systemic work ceremony & ritual practices. Moreover, my lifelong experience in dealing with my own shadow work as well as Motherhood are KEYS to being able to hold strong healing space for you to let go and transform. 

Women's Rites of Passage, Retreats, Online & Live Year Training 


“May you be carried by Great Mystery & may your steps leave beauty & harmony wherever you go" Wen-Wei

I am deeply committed to helping people to come into their true power and that means, not power over, or under power, but with deep, inner, and wise power which we all have access to. It is my calling to ‘walk with you' as I offer guidance and mentoring to help women through the times when life feels as though it has spun out of control. I also work closely for those women who feel called to lead others. 

I call myself a 'women's keeper' because I honour, live, and teach 'The Feminine Creative Cycle'. I am not afraid of your pain, your shame, or suffering...I have been there sister and can offer way through. 

The love I hold in my heart and offer to those who i guide is  Mother-Love...

My daughter, my Womb-Soul, and Divine Source have been my greatest teachers and inspiration. 

My devotion for living from the heart has developed because I have survived and undergone many deep shadow trials, hardships and deaths, and rebirths in life.

Life & MotherHood has been and is my Teacher and has inspired me to help and guide others through their underworld… If I can find my Light and connection with Spirit – I truly believe – so can anyone else…

I uphold and support what is honourable- and bring dignity back back into our Womanhood. I am an upholder of the awakening of heart-centered consciousness. 

I call my Medicine Wheel Rest – to – Flow…rest being the Moon – the feminine, the Dreamtime, the unknown and creative….and Flow is the Sun- the expressive, the protective and upholder of what is true and just… 

It is time we become sovereign beings and own who we are…and lead from the place of Love…Our Heart.

Consciousness, Activation & Purpose

  • Soul- Purpose: living in joy,  connected to Spirit and your Heart…Your Truth and Authenticity- which is true fulfillment.
  • Trusting that Life holds and supports you.
  • Becoming conscious of our shadow as well as your Light.
  • Taking response-ability for your own Life, our choices, and what shows up so that you can take ownership & leadership to create your highest purpose and vision.
  • Using your given gifts and talents for your Soul-Purpose & highest potential in order to honour and serve Life, this Earth, and each other…

I facilitate consciousness, activation & purpose through:

  • Air: Personal Spirit- Heart Guidance and Healing Sessions
  • Fire: Shamanic Practices and Ceremonies
  • Water: Sacred Feminine  Wisdom Teachings.
  • Earth: MoonYin, Storytelling, and Meditation
  • Spirit-Heart: Connection between You and Creator through shamanic guidance, Rites of Passage & sacred rituals
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