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Rites of Passage for Women

We are reclaiming our early rites of passage as the moon and our menstruation initiates us every month. It was a way our ancient cultures honoured it as a time for transformation and the gaining of wisdom.


In this patriarchal society we acknowledge Birthdays, Weddings, Hen nights and Funerals…that’s it. What is not acknowledge are the Blood Rites of Womanhood: First Menstruation or Moonflow, Pregnancy, Peri-Menopause and Menopause.

Our feminine rites of passage is of great importance because it marked a transition on a woman’s life, where she would leave a part of her life behind in order grow into her new one. The above mentioned pregnancy, is in the patriarchal world, when the baby is celebrated, which disregards the transition the to-be mother is making and this creates women to be fragmented and disempowered, because our inner world, which needs to process this major transition is not being met and that is where ritual is of utmost importance.

These ceremonies are very profound and powerful because it allows us to embrace the changes in our lives. It allows us to leave behind what no longer serves us and prepares us for what lies ahead. The act of making a ritual is very powerful because it anchors this shift within our internal body, i.e.. our emotional, psychic and spiritual body. Moreover being seen and witnessed to make commitment and taking responsibility teaches and makes all of us wiser and appreciative for the growth of each other.

To stand watch as others pass though the different life stage supports all of us as every milestone and inner understanding is celebrated. It helps us to embrace and embody what it means to grow older…We stop fearing being undervalued and instead reclaim our worth. Right now we only celebrate baby showers, births, weddings and deaths… However we are now reclaiming all of our rites at every major transition in our lives:

* Where we honour the girls as she leaves that stage of her behind and enters into being a celebrated woman called an Menarche Moontime Ceremony.

* When we leave behind the free maiden as we become mother Goddess Bridal showers or Belly Blessing Ceremony

* An Act of Power Ceremony, where we our power and healing the wounds we attained during our maiden phase

* Lastly the honoured phase of the Wise Woman Ceremony who has earned the right to the crown of silver hair…We were crowned with wisdom, that was the original meaning of the word crone. A woman who had many different strands of coloured hair was called a witch, because she had ‘wits,’ meaning she was smart. And so our aging was celebrated never segregated as it is now done by putting older people aside into care homes instead of using their wisdom.

PHASE 1  of women regaining their power is through the power of circle done in Moonlodges, Red Tents or Sacred Circle sharing-  a global and grassroots movement-  and where we reintegrate and acknowledge the power of our blood and moonflow to initiate us through our vulnerabilities in true supportive sisterhood. The purpose of these sacred circles is to look at the shadow so that we are feeling what needs to be felt and expressing that. Your Soul needs it and it opens and heals the heart. There is amazing power as sisters relieve the pain and grief in their hearts and share the soul-story…Every woman’s story shared mirrors every other woman’s…and heals not only 7 generations in front, but also 7 generations behind- and- the global woman’s consciousness…And the more we make this into a sacred practice of going inwards during the different lunar phases, the earlier we process our major transitions in life and therefore we move and grow with ease and grace.


PHASE 2  of women are regaining their power is by reclaiming their rites of passage which we do together in the power of ritual. This anchors our strengths and helps us to powerfully release what needs to be let go of (a death) in order to make room for the new. This is so interwoven in the fabric of life, that the ancients were inextricably connected to the rhythms of nature as each cycle saw the birth, death and rebirth of the seasons, the days, the tides and the stars and created a culture that peaceful and bound with the earth and stars…And when we align to these natural initiations, we gain power, wisdom and grace within the world of our psyche, energy, body and spirit as we feeling our deeper and darker emotions so as to navigate our lives.

This stops us from making pseudo rituals – like smoking marihuana instead of passing a talking stick, watching tv, instead of listening to our stories, or vandalising walls instead of marking our passage from boys to men…so that they feel they have a place and voice in the world.

Society had made sure that ritual scary and black, however, the more light that is created in the world, the more we can see the shadow for what it is. Ritual is nothing more than helping people to transcend their fears and help birth them through major shifts and changes in their lives

When we as women reclaim our Blood Rites we also reclaim our power….This is also why menstruation was so hush hush because it was our sacred power. The word ‘taboo’ comes from the Polynesian ‘tapua’ meaning menstruation and also, sacred power.

Funny how we see blood in movies sprayed here and there…and yet none when a woman gives birth…and yet it is there, as LIFE GIVING, never life taking. Blood is Life as the baby grows within us and we need to make that thought-change in our collective knowing. We were fed to believe that blood is death and yet the ancients knew that blood was life. In fact the ancient belief was that humans were made from the coagulation of blood within the woman up until the 18th century.

Blood was once known and honoured as sacred…and we were known as natural shamans…Time to reclaim our rights…

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