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Medecine Ceremony

Ceremony brings the sacred into our everyday lives. It marks a change, it creates and is a celebration of life…

Medicine Journey
Groups and Private SACRED FEMiNINE

Ceremonies are used to honour events or transitions and bring forth transformation. It is a movement from one stage in life to another and a ceremony or ritual helps to integrate it into a person’s life. You are shifting and healing on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level.

Rituals helps to make changes powerful and meaningful. They are used as a tool to help us navigate change.

Think of transitions of when a woman becomes and mother – she needs to leave behind her ‘free woman-self’ to be the ever-present giver. The transition of when we go through a loss can also be marked through a ceremony


I love to share my home with you and hold space for a healing heart-opening ceremony.

These journeys are woven with healing, prayers, rituals and medicine story with sound to connect and celebrate life. We connect with our hearts go deep into our inner lands and surrender to Love and Light.

These ceremonies can be with or without Medicine:

Cacao or a microdosing of Psilocybin and Cacao

for gentle transformation and healing.

We will speak beforehand about the themes so that I can weave a ceremony specifically for you or your group healing.

We can do 1 on 1 or a max of 5 in my home

costs are between €198,00 -€231,00

depending on topic, size and preparation

If I come to you then the costs will be plus the travel costs

and if the group is larger than 5 then it will be €36, 00 per person on top.

… “We see with our hearts… ”

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Women ‘s Medicine Journey

These Medicine Journeys are specially crafted for women to reconnect with their womb-hearts and creative life-force.

You can choose with or without medicine of Sacred Cacao, Blue Lotus or a micirdosing of Psilocybin. You will go in an intimate healing journey and ceremony specially crafted for you and your sisters or family.

These journeys use the power of sacred sound and womb-wisdom and medicine wheel to bring about healing and transformation- awakening the light codes of the wild and wise woman lying dormant within each of us.

We share, laugh, and enter our inner hearts together to celebrate life in deep connection with our spiritual wild landscape of woman…


We will meet beforehand to talk together on how to weave a journey specifically for your group
In my healing home I can host a maximum of 5 women.
Prices are between €198,00 and €231 depending on preparation or costs
Look at my Rites of Passages Pages for other Feminine Ceremonies like when a young girl becomes a woman or when we enter the Crone Phase and more..
…Time To Rise and Awaken…

Please check my Shamanic Ritual TranceDance Page for private ceremonies as well

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