This Year Training will begin in October 2023 - 2024 

There is a pre-training NEW Medicine Moons Path Online Course available for this year until the beginning of this training 


Dear Sacred Woman,

This training is for those women who are already working as yoga teachers, healers, counselors, or women who are already a fair way with their own inner healing path and wish to transform further within The Feminine Mysteries 

This training is a bridge of transformation connecting you deeper to your sacred womanhood and how to stand and express yourself through your work.

This is a year of incredible inner transformation and growth through self-practice as well as the container and mirroring of healing sisterhood.

By the end of the training, you will be a certified MoonLodge Facilitator...AND  you will be able to powerfully lead your own events or retreats in the feminine wisdom ways.

With the main focus on inner work, reflection, and growth you will be able to lead not only your own circles or events (in your own authenticity) but also your life in a way that is more loving, present, softly empowered and connected...The Way of The Sacred Woman...

What can you expect?


* A year of deep and powerful inner growth and development
* Become even more conscious of your triggers and sabotage AND be able to carry yourself at a much more sensitive level. 
* Be able to respond vs reacting to what life presents to you within the healing form of the feminine.
* Be able to hold high right relationships with others, the world, and most importantly, yourself- with more love and self-care.
* Be able to LEAD your life through taking ownership of your inner world through LOVE and a deep sense of compassion...
* Be able to embody Feminine Wisdom, Love,, power and Freedom.
* Your awareness of energy through feminine ceremony and self practices will grow.
*Your connection with your Soul-Self and Inner Knowing will expand.
* You will elevate your vibration through this course enabling you to sense into the Field for what is needed. 
* Be able to be and hold reflection and practice these transformations through a container and connection of sisterhood.


** I use tools such as**

- The work we do in the retreats is feminine- shamanic, womb-shamanic, and systemic.
- I use Initiation, journey work, and ceremonial rectrices
- I work with the inner child, boundary work, and all 'Faces of the Feminine.'

By the end of the training

* You will have the certification to be a MoonLodge Facilitator and deep space holder for women in whichever field or form you work with. 

* Meaning you will be able to lead your own MoonLodges, Circles, Ceremonies,  and certain Rites of Passages and events in your authentic way.

Is this for you?


This year training is a very powerful transformation and therefore not open to everyone. It is for women who have done inner work already and are ready to do even deeper work in a group setting so as to take even more ownership of their Life and Mission and are committed to their personal evolution.

This year's training is not for women who need direct one-on-one inner healing (because we work in a group setting). Meaning, that to share your deepest feelings, fears, shame, and wounds take a level of vulnerability and transparency that is very difficult when still needing healing from wounds or carrying feelings of shame and certain amounts and types of fear.
** If this is you then please connect with me for 1 on 1 sessions, please click here for more information or connect with me personally to chat 

In order to hold space for others, we must be willing and able to face our inner shadows and be willing to move through them.

This training takes a high level of commitment – meaning that you must attend the 6 retreats (unless ill) and you are required to come to the moonlodges throughout the year. There is an 80% attendance requirement for the certification. 

The commitment lies deeper still to choose love over the need to be right and this takes full commitment to do the inner work and reflection throughout the year.

I work in alignment with The Source and being in integritous relationship with humbleness and therefore this training is not for those who cannot commit to Source, Great Spirit, or God or however, you wish to call the center point of creation from which we all come. 


Feminine Wisdom is Alchemy of the Inner Spirit and that takes us into the depths of our inner that you will spiral higher into Right-Relationship with yourself & Your Spirit...  

Course Curriculum

Travel and Learn

❈ 12 Light & Shadow Path. You will embody the light & shadow of the Solar/Lunar Wheel
❈ 8 Feminine Archetypes within the seasonal Wheel
❈ 4 Faces of the Woman's Lunar Woman's Medicine Wheel

Additional Ancient Wisdom:
❈ 4 Blood Rites & Initiations.

Sacred Practices

❈ Ritual and Ceremonial work
❈ Feminine Shamanic Trance Dance & Journey
❈ Systemic & Shadow Work
❈ Meditation
❈ Shamanic Womb BreathWork
❈ Embodied Feminine Dance
❈ Sacred Women's Work

Check-In Sessions 

❈ 4 times throughout the year we will have online check-in sessions where you will to review your progress and share these. These sessions give you more insight and space to rebound any reflections and queries.

Extra Care

❈ Aftercare in the form of available private support calls
❈ Extra guidance sessions are offered at a reduced price if needed.Extra guidance sessions are offered at a reduced price if needed.

Working with Sacred Trees, Herbs and Plants


❈ Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony
* Agua de Florida, Palo Santo &  Sage Ceremony
❈ One Trance Dance will be in combination 
**  Upon intake these will be highlighted 

Other Ceremonies

❈ A Sacred Woman's SweatLodge
❈ The May retreat is with the Medicine Wheel of  GrandFather Wisdom(optional and extra costs)

Other Ceremonialists 

❈ Other healers will be invited throughout the year to give their knowledge
❈ Agua de Florida making
❈ Tarot reading at the beginning and the end (Optional but highly recommended to do. This is an extra cost).
❈ Crystal grid laying
❈ Cacao Ceremony 
❈ Sound Healing (optional with sacred truffles)

** susceptible to changes  

Individual Work

❈ Reflection and journaling
❈ Lunar Work & Meditations/visualisations
❈ Full or New Moon Rituals
❈ Chakra & Archetypical Healing.
❈ Assessment reflection end of the year for certification
❈ And in between check-ins

Be prepared to take a quantum leap in your spiritual path.

What is expected of you?

Meeting Retreat Days

You are expected to attend six meeting retreat days. 

Meeting retreat days 2022

❈28-30th October
❈2-4th Decembe

Meeting retreat days 2023

❈3-5th Feb
❈ 5-7th May (GrandFather Wisdom Wheel)
❈ 4-6th August
❈ 27-29th Octobe

New Moonlodges

You are expected to host one New Moonlodge in your space, and to attend the New Moonlodges of the other women. If you cannot meet on the new moon, the weekend before is the other option.

New Moon dates 2022
Nov 23rd | Dec 16th

New Moon dates 2023
Jan 21st | Feb 20th | March 21st | April 20th | May 19th | June 18th | July 17th | August 16th | Sept 15th | Oct 14th


Energy Exchange of €2,760


This Includes

❈ 6x retreat weekend in the majestic beauty of nature
❈ Accommodation as a group
❈ Delicious fresh vegetarian meals
❈ Course materials & individual sacred practice
❈ All ceremonialists
❈Sacred Woman’s SweathLodg
❈ Plant medicines (except GrandFather)


The optional (though highly recommended for your raising of frequency and energetic connection to Source Light) is the May retreat day with  GrandFather Wisdom Wheel which is offered at a discount of 34% from  €300 and now to  €199

Payment Plans:

Can be paid in full or - if wished - in 2 or 3 or

6 stages (paid cash in hand at every retreat) throughout the year

Most used option 
** Payment Plans for 6 retreats €460
** Plus the extra GrandFather Wheel in May 2023) makes May's energy exchange €659

- or you may spread it throughout the 6 retreats 



This training is not for everyone, so I will be speaking with you first to see if the resonance and commitment are there. Please get in touch to schedule a time with me.

Are you feeling the call?

This training is next level and therefore, I will be speaking with you first to see if the level of inner work, resonance and commitment is there.
Please get in touch to schedule an intake with me.

Get in touch